Songs from the Rainbow Worm (1997)

Al Beck “intersperses Japanese haiku selections with American-style poetry” in his poetry books. … Writing is done when he feels led to write. Sometimes Beck only assembles a few words and thoughts. Then he might walk away until he’s got a new thought that completes the poem or essay.”

Quincy Herald-Whig (Feb. 25, 2016)

AWB Survival Weapons (2001)

Survival Weapons (2001)

“Melody and music inherent in the poems of this book will continue to echo forever in the depths of the hearts of the readers. I also do hope and believe that the message and advice contained in these poems will continue to guide the readers in their pursuit of free frank and unfettered growth and development of their imagination. I also hope and believe that this beautiful poetic work will certainly be admired and welcomed with a warm heart by the poets, poetry lovers, academicians, educationists, thinkers and philosophers.”

– review of Selecting Prepared Signs of Pith and Vinegar (2011) in The Muse

Al Beck - An Awesome Possum Shares Wild Wisdom (2011)

An Awesome Possum Shares Wild Wisdom (2011)

Al Beck’s witty, insightful poems, whimsical line drawings, and mini-essays may be found in his 30+ published books that address a multitude of topics, including art, education, music, and history. In 2006, he received the Editor’s Choice Award for Outstanding Achievement in Poetry: International Library of Poetry; and in 2007, he received second place in the 15th Annual National Senior Poets Laureate Poetry Competition in Missouri.

Although Beck’s poetry books are generally out-of-print, copies may be found through various websites such as Amazon, ThriftBooks, etc. A selection of Al Beck’s poetry may be found here.